How To Start Making Money With Nothing And Create Wealth Online

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If there was only one marketing strategy that I could use to create wealth on the internet, it would be “Joint Ventures”. Joint ventures are easily the most lucrative marketing strategy ever implemented and if done right, it will likely be the ONLY marketing strategy you will ever need to use to create wealth online.

If you want to know how to start making money with nothing and create wealth online, a good internet joint venture is your shortcut to success. It can generate a large amount of targeted internet traffic for your website in a short amount of time compared to many other online methods. This can mean introducing your product or service to the market without spending any of your own money.

In it’s simplest form, a joint venture consist of two business affiliates (or more) collaborating to leverage off of each others success, assets and/or expertise. There are many different variations of joint ventures but I’m only going to discuss one prime example:

This type of joint venture partnership is quite common and is frequently used. This joint venture involves one business providing a product for sale, all the associated sales material, and product delivery while another business affiliate promotes the product. Promoting the product can be done on a blog, website, social media page, or by e-mail lists. By recommending the product to their network of established prospects, the business affiliate promoting the product receives a commission based on the sales generated through their resources. This mutually beneficial way of product promoting is commonly known as “Affiliate Marketing”.

The benefits of this system are limitless. You can even build your own subscriber list using the referrals received from your affiliate partner without incurring any costs on your end. If you work with the right reputable affiliate partner, you will gain instant credibility with their customer lists. Always remember, “Credibility Sells”. Let me give you an example. If you created a book on “How to Acquire Real Estate”, you could certainly make MANY more sales if you partnered with Donald Trump. His name on the book as the co-author, would definately increase your credibility in that niche. Are you starting to see the power of this amazing strategy?

There are many individuals who may think that Joint Ventures are difficult to do, however that is the farethest thing from the truth. If somone is telling you that Joint Ventures are diffucult to do, I wouldn’t take what they say at face value because they’re either uninformed or simply don’t understand how this money making system works.

Let me show you how easy it is. Here’s typically what I do when rolling out a new product. In this example, let’s pretend that I just completed a new ebook on Penny Stock Trading and have setup a web site with an affiliate program. I would go to google and do a search on niche keywords like “penny stock”, “penny stock trading”, “stock market strategies” etc. The top sites on the first page are typically your target affiliate partners. Since they appear on the first page they more than likely have plenty of traffic, subscribers, and/or business customers. I would visit each site to make sure they are a good fit for my product and then I would send them a very brief email asking them if they would be interested in marketing my product in exchange for a high commission as an incentive.

Typically in this email you should briefly introduce yourself and your product. Describe your product and the benefits it would offer to their Newsletter subscribers, customers and/or website visitors. Politely ask them if they wouldn’t mind responding to you asap and provide their contact information if they are interested in marketing your product. Also very important, you need to give them access to this product FOR FREE! that they can review the product and feel comfortable about endorsing it. These site owners have spent years building their business lists and cultivating their lists to be very responsive. Any endorsement they do to their huge lists could mean thousands of dollars in your pocket with very little effort on your end.

Repeat the same process for all the other prospect sites you found under that keyword and send JV proposal letters to them as well. Repeat this process for other relevant keywords until you have collected your desired number of business affiliates.

Understandably, this can be a very time consuming task. This is why I signed up for a free Groove Funnel membership in order to take advantage of their email marketing platform to automate contacting my prospective business affiliates. The free Groove Funnel account also offers 17 other free apps that can be used to grow your affiliate network. I can now get most of the work done in a much shorter period of time.

Remember, if just a few of these business affiliates decide to market your product you can easily start to create wealth online. Once they’ve contacted you after receiving your email proposal, simply setup their affiliate account and send them their affiliate links. This will ensure that their commission will be calculated properly when they endorse your product to their list. If you send your offer to just 10 sites a day, within a week you’ll be on your way to making thousands of dollars per month. You can start to create wealth online with only 5 hours worth of work a day at NO COST to you. It’s just that easy. 

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