Create A Wealthy Mindset By Learning How To Ask For Money

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Having a wealthy mindset involves knowing how to ask for money. Many of us at one time or another have had to ask someone to return a borrowed item. This can be an uncomfortable situation – especially if you’ve already asked several times for the item to be returned. Asking for money from a client or customer is quite similar in comparison, even though you’re providing something of value.

This is sometimes the case with new entrepreneurs who provide information but are unsure of the real value of the information they’re providing. This can result in giving valuable information away for free – or at an extremely reduced price which can make getting your business up and running much more difficult than it has to be. Having a wealthy mindset and knowing the value of what you’re offering makes doing business much easier. 

Things would be much more simple if customers would simply provide payment willingly when they’re helped without being asked or invoiced; however, that’s not a reality of doing business. In order to make money and create a wealthy mindset, you must become more confident with closing the deal and asking for the payment that is deserved. Remember, you’re providing a service with the intention of making money while doing so. 

Understand The Value Of Information

There are many online entrepreneurs who get paid very well for the information they research and provide. These successful individuals have built their businesses on the quality and uniqueness of the information they offer and are comfortable setting their asking price and expecting to be compensated.

They understand the value of what they’re providing and what it means to have a wealthy mindset. If you’re apprehensive or not confident about placing a price on your entrepreneurial efforts, you need to better understand the value of the information you’re providing by doing some simple research.

The first thing you must understand is that people are willing to pay for well-thought-out and researched information that will assist them in their own endeavors. Start researching online what other marketers are charging for their products or services and make note of how they ask for payment.

Also, research the quality of the online information provided on websites similar to yours. When you’re confident that you have a quality product offering, you’ll be able to market it much more effectively. Also, pay close attention to the type of information being offered by others. This will help with determining which niches are the most profitable. 

Some product offerings such as Halloween costumes are seasonal while others are considered evergreen, meaning that they can be marketed year-round. Your marketing campaign for each product needs to be based on the most recent and most accurate information available.

Try to be as clear as possible in your efforts to encourage clients and customers to pay for the information you’re providing. When you’re specific, you come across as more confident which builds trust within your customer base.

Your customers want to be reassured they’re getting monetary value out of the information you’re providing, so it’s important for you to communicate that message prior to asking for payment.

Once you have developed that self-confidence that you’re offering a product of value, you’ll feel more comfortable asking for money – and your customers will be more willing to pay for a product that is unique and well worth the price you’re asking.

How To Deal With Freebie Seekers

When in business to make money there will always be customers who want to haggle down the price of your product offering. This is especially the case when doing business online. These types of customers can sometimes be difficult to deal with and you can choose to direct them to other sites – or use special business strategies to convert them into paying customers.

Freebie seekers are quite common and can be found in every line of business. They can test your patience and often rob you of valuable time. Despite how wonderful your product is and the amount of effort you’ve put into it, the freebie seekers will always want it for nothing.

In actuality, those often seeking freebies may not be as concerned with price as with the value they’re getting for their money. If you can get them to understand the value of your product and how it can help them with their own business endeavors, freebie seekers can become your most loyal paying customers.

An effective way to turn a freebie seeker into a paying customer is to offer a free trial or introduction to the product before they actually pay for it. Car dealers allow you to test-drive their cars before you buy them and books usually provide a summary of their content on the back cover. The same approach works just as effectively with informational products.

The majority of the time, a simple test drive is all that’s required; however, there may be some freebie seekers who might require a bit more persuading. Try offering extra tips and advice on the effective use of your product – tips they won’t receive with other, similar competitor products. Provide customer testimonials and other helpful information that will help them feel more confident about purchasing the product.

Involving the customer in the price negotiation is also a good idea. An example of this would be offering prices for different levels of information. New customers with a small budget can purchase Level 1 and purchase Level 2 when they feel they’re ready and have discovered just how unique and helpful your product is.

When doing business online or anywhere else, it’s best to assume that your freebie-seeking customers are only looking for value in their purchase and once they realize the worth of what you’re offering, they’ll happily pay your asking price.

If the freebie-seeker begins to take up too much of your time and effort and you end up giving away too much – politely direct the person to other links and sites where they are able to download information or advice free of charge. It’s likely that the would-be customer will not be satisfied with the quality or quantity of free information provided by other sites and will eventually return to your offer.

Know Where To Direct Freebie Seekers

Another effective way to turn freebie seekers into loyal customers is to try and help them without giving away your own products. There are plenty of informative blog posts and free reports you can direct them to for a download and when they’re ready to move up, they’ll remember you as a helpful resource.

If your opt-in email lists contain freebie seekers who don’t contribute anything to your profit margin, stop paying to have them on your subscriber list. To weed them out, make it clear in your emails that you are creating a product or service for sale – and that it’s unique and informative.

An introductory offering of a product including what it contains and how it can help is often an effective way to persuade tire-kickers into a decision to buy. Just remember, there are some freebie seekers who won’t be satisfied regardless of how much you give away.

Would-be customers who aren’t satisfied regardless of how many freebies they receive should not be accommodated too much when trying to make money online – otherwise, they will drain your time and effort. Frequently reviewing your customer list is a good way to eliminate the tire kickers and save yourself time and money.

The quality of your customer list is essentially more important than its quantity and can help you with generating more sales on a regular basis. Target individuals who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer and understand the value of what you’re offering. When trying to make money online, these people should be catered to more than anyone else on your list.

Once you’ve gained a freebie seeker’s trust that you’re honestly interested in helping them find their desired product (even if it isn’t yours), they can potentially become happy and loyal customers of yours in the future.

You will also have the tire kickers who are not at all interested in paying a fair price for a product or service – they’re only interested in the free offers. After you’ve tried to help them and they continue to come back for more freebies, remove them from your customer list and provide them with a list of free sites that might be able to help them – such as YouTube.

When doing business online, a definite sign of a freebie seeker is someone who only signs up for free offers with no intention whatsoever of ever paying for anything and usually opts out as soon as they’re asked to pay. You will not be able to make money online dealing with these types of individuals. 

Those types of individuals can also cause you to become discouraged with your marketing campaigns and you won’t be able to measure your efforts based on the feedback you receive from them. Freebie seekers are attracted to the word “FREE” when it comes to most offerings, so be careful with your wording. Consider the tire kickers with your marketing plan when necessary and refrain from dedicating too much of your valuable time catering to their demands.

Prove Self Worth To Create A Wealthy Mindset

Proving your worth to an employer can sometimes be difficult when you work for a large company. It’s probably not that often that you will see or interact with the individual responsible for giving you a raise. This is because most of the time there is a supervisor or several other superiors you must contend with first.

When owning and operating a business where you offer a product or service for sale, you’re faced with a similar dilemma. A potential customer doesn’t see the hard work you put into researching ways to offer the best quality possible.

Some customers don’t realize your worth, and unless you know your worth, you’ll never be in the position to ask for the payment you deserve. An experienced salesman closes the sale by asking for the money but also comforts the customer beforehand by reassuring them that they’re getting the best return on their investment.

If you’re dealing with a new customer, offering a sample (or freebie) may push them more towards closing the sale. Another technique for closing the sale is to offer more than what’s advertised. Special bonuses or reports will add value to your product and give the customer more of an incentive to purchase the complete package being offered.

If you were planning on asking your boss for a raise, you might submit an extra report outlining how the company could save time and money. Ideally, you might have to work on this during your time off, but a substantial raise in pay is well worth the effort.

Accommodating your customer by offering something extra could well be worth the effort in converting the freebie seeker to a loyal, paying customer. Freebie-seeking customers just need to be convinced that spending their money with you is a good idea.

To be successful and make money as a business owner, your business should reflect what you think of yourself. If you don’t think you’re worthy of someone purchasing what you have to offer, that mindset will show in everything you do with your business.

Even though asking for money can be intimidating and sometimes uncomfortable, you can’t allow your fears to take control if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. Fear of rejection and failure can negatively affect your sales and cause you to end up giving away what you should be making money on.

These are real fears that should be addressed in order to create a wealthy mindset and make money in business. Having the proper knowledge and experience will eventually bring you to the understanding that you do offer a worthwhile product or service and that it’s well worth your asking price.

Start With A Small Marketing Strategy

When making money online, one of the best sales strategies for online entrepreneurs is to start with a small marketing strategy that increases over time. Provide a minimal amount of information initially then over time,  gradually increase the amount of information given. 

An example of this would be offering a $9 product that will gain the attention of customers that want to confirm the quality of your offering. Once they know the worth of what you’re offering, you then offer an even larger and more informative package for $19, then $29, and perhaps include a recurring membership option as you increase your price to $49, $69, $99, or even more.

You should never offer too little with the lower-priced package. This package is what will nurture your repeat customers and encourage them to consider other promotions, so make sure there is value with every product you offer.

When asking for money It’s much easier to ask for small payments rather than larger ones if you have a nervous mindset. As you become familiar with strategies used to secure payment, you’ll become more confident with asking for larger amounts and begin to create a wealthy mindset.

Don’t confuse asking for payment with being pushy. It’s only pushy if your offering is full of false claims that don’t deliver what’s promised. When you research the strategies by other online marketers, you’ll discover that many are somewhat misleading with their offering, while some are totally honest and do not resort to making false claims.

Learning the best strategies for selling, especially online will definitely increase your sales and give customers (including the freebie seekers) the comfort of knowing that you’re transparent and honest. Making money online involves building trust with your customers. Building trust is also very important when trying to create a wealthy mindset. 

Many businesses have started using the level-up technique in their marketing. Offering a great product at an affordable price to attract customers, and allow them the opportunity to experience the quality of your offering is a technique that most customers will embrace.

The fear of asking customers for payment is an issue for many new entrepreneurs, especially freelancers who often hear “I could do it myself” from prospective clients. Don’t let this discourage you and stop your business from being successful. 

After you’ve gained the experience and discovered what strategies work best for you, your fear will no longer exist and you may even start to enjoy the selling process. As your fear of asking for payment disappears, your business will start to grow significantly and you’ll learn how to better deal with freebie seekers who have no intentions of spending any money.

Use the internet to research and find out what marketing strategies other online entrepreneurs such as yourself use when asking customers for money. Many of these online entrepreneurs were once where you’re at and overcame their fears to become great business successes.

Build confidence in yourself and your product by making sure you’re offering a quality product even though you might start out selling it at a reduced price. Doing this will ensure repeat customers and a prosperous future for your business. The eBook “Super Productivity Secrets” by Carolyn Hansen is a great resource for learning how to build your confidence and create a wealthy mindset in order to make money as an entrepreneur.

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